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Health Mate Far Infrared Saunas for Optimal Health

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Infrared Sauna image

Using far infrared saunas on a regular basis are one of the best things you can do for optimal health and well being. Far infrared saunas will:

    Burn calories
    Relieve pain
    Beautify your skin
    Remove toxins
    Reduce stress
    Enhance immune system
    Strengthen cardiovascular system

Purchase a Health Mate Far Infrared Sauna and invest in your #1 asset, your health.

Thermotex Personal Far Infrared Heating 
Pad image

Thermotex personal far infrared heating pads are one of the most effective heating pads available for pain relief. Far infrared light penetrates the skin up to 2.36 inches or 6 centimeters, dilating blood vessels and allowing oxygenated blood to flow to the affected areas. The result is reduced inflammation and pain relief.

This far infrared electric heating pad is safe, non-invasive, non-addictive and has no side effects.

If you are a chronic pain sufferer, get a new lease on life - buy a Thermotex far infrared heating pad today.

Thermotex Pet Far Infrared Heating Pad 

Thermotex far infrared dog beds and cat beds are exceptional products for providing advanced pain relief for pets. The deep penetrating infrared rays increase blood flow, removing toxins and decreasing inflammation. Your pet benefits as the pain subsides and the natural healing process takes over.

Thermotex dog beds and cat beds are safe, comfortable and extremely effective. Providing advanced pain relief for pets is critical for optimal health and wellness. Keep your pet safe and happy - order your infrared heating pad today.

Thermotex Professional Far Infrared Heating 
Pad image

The Thermotex professional far infrared heating pad is a multi element heating pad ideal for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. It is used by chiropractic or therapy practitioners because it works well on a treatment bed and is very effective at increasing overall circulation prior to treatment. The Thermotex professional heating pad is also used for sport injuries and to help chronic pain sufferers manage their pain while healing.

Thermotex Equine Far Infrared Heating Pad image

Thermotex far infrared equine therapy systems are used by trainers, veterinarians and therapists to address clinical disorders, accelerate warm-up for an event, for routine maintenance and prevention of problems and/or with other physical therapy treatments.

Thermotex far infrared equine therapy products are the best topical heat producing equine therapy modalities available today. The patented deep tissue far infrared heat pads relieve pain, promote healing and accelerate rehabilitation.

Nancy – Montreal

"You promised the Sun spirit Sauna would be delivered on time... got it today -- as promised! You said it would be easy to set up -- in fact under an hour -- as promised... But what was even better than you promised, was how beautiful the sauna is, in every detail. We have already used it twice, and the best part is that WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT-- even more than you promised!".

Gail Bell
Surgical Appliance Technician

"I have a customer who was suffering from arthritic pain. She came to see me for relief and I told her about the Thermotex™ infrared therapy system. She was a little reluctant when she heard about the cost, but I assured her that she could purchase it and use it for 30 days, if she wasn't completely happy with the results she could return it and get her money back. She purchased the pad on a Thursday, rushed back in on Tuesday to tell me how happy she was, not only with the results of pain relief, but the fact that she reduced her medicine intake, thereby reducing the side effects involved with medication and also reducing her cost. She was a very happy customer!".

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Dr. Ronald Riegel, DVM
Noted Equine Author & Speaker
Scioto Valley Veterinary Clinic
Ostrander, Ohio, USA

"The Thermotex Equine Blanket produces a deep-penetrating yet comfortable, muscle relaxing heat. Thermotex provides heat in areas of the equine that need a source of heat to reduce inflammation. The equine athlete not only needs a treatment program to reduce inflammation when it is injured but can also benefit from the use of this blanket as a pre-event warm-up. If a horse can be treated for 20-30 minutes before a race or event just think how much better it will perform compared to horses that have not been treated with a Thermotex Blanket".

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